Study abroad support




スタジオマーティでは、プロ経験、留学経験、海外バレエ団活躍のある講師・スタッフが揃っております。 それぞれの目的に合わせて、短期留学、長期留学、サマー&ウインター スクールへの参加、オーディションのエントリーをサポートします。








もちろん、早いに越したことはないですが、学校によっては18歳以上でも受け入れてくれる学校はたくさんあります。また、バレリーナを目指していなくてもバレエ教師になるため のコースなどもございます。

将来、長期留学はしてみたいけど、いきなり海外に子どもを送ることもご両親はご不安もあるかと思います。 そんな方は、サマースクールなどに1か月参加をしてみてその国が自分にあっているのか海外でも1人でやっていけるのかなど、お試し期間として短期留学してみませんか。



志望校の応募規定にもよりますが、ビデオオーディションが必要な場合はスタジオマーティにてプライベートレッスン・ビデオ撮影もサポートします。 それぞれのレベルや、目的に合わせて留学のご相談に乗りますのでお気軽にお問い合わせください。 



At Studio Marty, we have instructors and staff with professional experience, study abroad experience, and overseas ballet teams. We support short-term study abroad, long-term study abroad, participation in summer & winter schools, and audition entry according to each purpose.

Students from all over the world come to the school where we study abroad. You can interact with students from various countries and work hard.

Also, because of the ballet dance, it is one of the great attractions that you have the opportunity to travel to various countries in sports cultural activities.

If you engage in hobbies and lessons every day, everyone has the chance to go all over the world.

There are many instructors who have traveled to different countries as study abroad/professional dancers/choreographers.

I'd like to study abroad, but I don't know what to do, can't I study abroad without winning an award at the competition, or is it late because I'm 18 years old... No such thing!

Of course, it's not so early, but depending on the school, there are many schools that accept 18 years old and up. There are also courses to become a ballet teacher even if you are not aiming for a ballerina.

In the future, I would like to study abroad for a long time, but I think that parents may be worried about sending children abroad. If you are like that, why not study abroad for a short period as a trial period, such as participating in a summer school for a month and seeing if the country suits you or whether you can go abroad alone?

We support a wide range of countries such as Europe, America, Australia and Russia.

First of all, let's have a three-way interview with professional staff and decide the school you want to suit your method and purpose.

If you need a video audition, we will support private lessons and video shooting at Studio Marty, depending on the application rules of the school you want to study. Please feel free to contact us as we will discuss the study abroad depending on your level and purpose.